Buy VS Lease

buy vs lease

It’s time for a new car, but are you better off buying or leasing? It can seem like an overwhelming decision when replacing your old vehicle. Capitol City Buick, GMC is here to help simplify things and answer any questions you may have! Both options have their pros and cons. Your personal wants and needs will determine which option is best for you.


Buying a car allows you to travel freely without the threat of facing penalties for racking up excessive miles. If you have long commutes or take a lot of road trips, buying will prove to be cost-effective. Not only can you travel as much as you want when you buy a car, but you can also customize it to fit your personality and lifestyle needs. Whether you’re looking to paint your car or add aftermarket performance parts, if customization is a feature you want, buying is the way to go. With buying, you also get the freedom to sell your vehicle whenever you want. Whether you hold on to it for a year or make it your next reliable family vehicle, the choice is yours.


Buying a vehicle usually comes with a higher down payment and higher monthly payments. You also are responsible for the maintenance costs of your vehicle and trading in or selling the vehicle to become your responsibility when you want a new one.


Leasing your vehicle allows you to have lower monthly payments and lower down payment so you can drive a better vehicle loaded with more options for a cheaper price. It also becomes an easier process to get a new vehicle every two to three years at the end of the lease. No hassle with trading in or selling the vehicle. At the end of the lease, wipe your hands clean, and lease a new vehicle that you want.


On the downside to leasing, you spend money on monthly payments and won’t own the car at the end of the lease. Your mileage is limited to a set amount, so if you do a lot of driving, you will have to pay a fee for the extra miles put on the car. This could turn leasing into a more expensive option in the long run. If for some reason you need to terminate your lease early, you also may face extra penalty fees.

Making an informed choice about whether you should lease or buy is much easier with the proper information. We here at Capitol City Buick, GMC want to give you all of the help you need when making your decision. Stop in and see what we can do for you today!